1st Congress Park Sinfonie, Hanau
The Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, under the baton of their principal conductor Jens Troester, showed much esprit and joy, as well as a balanced, beautiful tone. Troester's highly structured modelling of each individual movement led to a clear transparency. His orchestra was wide awake and fully engaged, the strings with a crisp sound, and the woodwinds contributing lovely shades of color. This Mozart symphony – cantabile, with finely chiseled dynamics and rhythmic precision, was the perfect beginning of a very special concert.
Placing Gustav Mahler's First Symphony in the second part of a concert shows courage and confident programming, but the fourth movement, when the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt mobilized all available resources, did indeed prove to be the highlight of the evening. Jens Troester showed an intelligent understanding of the many climaxes of Mahler's music by holding back the orchestra, opening up the floodgates only in the very last minutes, allowing it to cap the very last build-up with a perfectly placed finale – including an impressive leap into the air by their conductor. The audience reacted with spontaneous shouts of joy and very long applause.

Online Merker, 23.10.2023


New Year’s Concert 2020, Frankenthal
Once again, the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt was in top form. Not only did conductor Troester prove to be a thoroughly entertaining presenter, making the pieces accessible with humorous remarks, we were also treated to an orchestra that was again fully present and energetic. The Carmen Suite's catchiest tunes from Habanera to Toreador sounded fresh and colorful, the polka "Unter Donner und Blitz" by Johann Strauß (son) came along fast-paced and dashing, and Sir Arthur Sullivan's energetic ballet music "Pineapple Poll" was performed with perfect harmony.

Hanauer Anzeiger, 06.01.2020


1st Concert, Dewezet Classics, Hameln
From the first piece – Joseph Haydn's Symphony No. 96 – the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt proved to be an ensemble of high quality. Under the baton of Jens Troester, their experienced conductor, who showed both grand gestures and complete certainty, the predominantly young musicians communicated all the luster, all the instrumental details, but also Haydn's signature humor, sparkling in all movements. After the intermission came Brahms' First Piano Concerto. I have heard this magnificent piece often, but rarely as impressively as from this brilliant orchestra. The sublime opening movement began in a relatively calm tempo, allowing detailed work. When he came in, soloist Bernd Glemser could meet all the incredibly high requirements of this piece, and the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, with their confident and highly attentive conductor, played a large part in his success. Some superb moments sent shivers down my spine. This enchantingly beautiful music lasted about three quarters of an hour. A spontaneous "bravo", then many more, and then almost unending rapturous applause.

Deister- und Weserzeitung, 03.10.2019


2nd Congress Park Sinfonie, Hanau
Rachmaninov's Second Symphony may be regarded as the high point of Russian Symphonic Late Romanticism. The relatively small string section was entirely convincing, allowing accompanying voices to shine through, as well as transparent fugato passages. It was amazing how much volume the continuously motivating conductor was able to draw from his orchestra. Troester had prepared his ensemble well, and his close relationship to this music was always apparent. With great confidence both in terms of the phrasing and in his choice of measured tempi, Troester constructed many arcs of tension. In the quieter sections, he followed the work deep into its tangled complexities. The Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt displayed a volume in the more eruptive passages that was impressive, yet always tasteful. It was the third movement in which the orchestra reached the pinnacle of its cultivated music-making, and made a present of its soulful performance to the audience. A stirring presentation of this difficult symphony. In the end, thunderous, cheering applause and many happy faces in a packed auditorium.

Der Opernfreund, 28.04.2019


Athens & Epidaurus Festival,
Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens

"Under the baton of Jens Troester, the Athens State Orchestra presented a thoroughly successful performance, displaying a remarkable rhythmic assurance, with a lithe string sound and well-tuned winds. In acts 4 and 5 of the film particularly, music and the moving image merged to create a fascinating whole, a 'call to revolution' that reached its Athenian audience."

Online Merker, July 6, 2017


Il barbiere di Siviglia, Theater für Niedersachsen, Hildesheim 2015
“Under the thrilling leadership of Jens Troester, the comic genius of this music is apparent from the overture all the way to the finale. With an emphasis on the score, it is performed brilliantly by the orchestra: perfectly in tune, expressive, an ecstatic celebration of sound. Ovations follow the overture. After the finale, shouts of bravo and volleys of applause from the audience for the almost three-hour performance.“

Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, May 18, 2015


Symphony Concert, Congress Park Sinfonie, Hanau 2014
“Rousing acclamations met the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, and the sensitive leadership of their conductor, Jens Troester. In the sold-out hall, lovers of classical and contemporary music enjoyed passionate and virtuoso interpretations of works by Miklós Rózsa and Antonin Dvorák. From the beginning, a clear sense of unity and a unique harmonic concentration pervaded the Rózsa, the soloists of the orchestra coming to the fore with remarkable clarity. The conductor led with both precision and drive.“

Hanauer Anzeiger, September 13, 2014


Symphony Concert, Capitol Classic Lounge Offenbach 2013
“Troester evoked the drama of the music between longing and pathos, between passion and exhilaration. Different moods were carefully painted with sweeping melodic lines and an amazing range of dynamic contrasts. The Scherzo-Waltz was elegant, the bustle of the finale transparent. The tonic major burst forth, making way for the majestic theme of fate, followed in turn by a whirlwind finish. The splendid performance of both orchestra and conductor received a storm of richly-deserved ovations.“

Offenbach Post, November 12, 2013


Symphony Concert, Klasse Klassik Sommer Friedberg 2013
“Thanks to Jens Troester‘s fabulous conducting, the interplay between orchestra and soloist was effortlessly precise and superbly coordinated, with an attractive liveliness, utilizing every possible color of the orchestral spectrum.“

Wetterauer Zeitung, August 29, 2013


Fifth Concerto at the Castle, Altenburg 2013
“Jens Troester realized the mixture of Mozartean lightness, romantic fervor, French elegance, and the conclusion with a dash of Russian folklore, with every possible transparency and attention to detail. From the very first bar the string sound unfolded beautifully and throughout the performance, Troester delighted with a superb sense of phrasing.“

Osterländer Volkszeitung, May 3, 2013


Die Feuersbrunst, Theater Gera 2013
“Few things are easier to play than Haydn, and even fewer are harder than playing Haydn well! With aplomb the Altenburg-Gera Philharmonic does just that. From an unusual position in the middle of the hall, Troester remains firmly in control and revels in the delicacies of this wonderful score.“

Ostthüringer Zeitung, April 2, 2013


I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Theater Altenburg 2011
“The young conductor exuded unfailing reliability matched with outstanding musical intuition. The Altenburg-Gera Philharmonic was more than willing to be inspired by this, and responded again and again with brilliance and dramatic impetus.“

Freie Presse Chemnitz, June 8, 2011


Ulenspiegel, Theater Gera 2011
“A triumph! Jens Troester conducted briskly, almost breathlessly, in a dramatically charged interpretation. Chorus and orchestra follow him perfectly throughout.“

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, January 30, 2011


Wallenstein (German premiere), Theater Gera 2009
“Jens Troester achieves a convincing balance, accentuating contrasts of tempo and dynamics, and virtually celebrating the Pappenheim-March‘s surging momentum with an overwhelming swagger and brilliance.“, October 27, 2009


Symphony Concert, Klasse Klassik Sommer Friedberg 2008
“The interpretation of Beethoven‘s Fifth can be praised as nothing less than congenial. Mastering these towering mountains of sound without faltering is the result of each and every orchestra musician‘s, and particularily Jens Troester‘s efforts, who pushed everyone to their limits in the forty minutes of reaching the light.“

Gießener Allgemeine, August 15, 2008


The Tales of Hoffmann, Landestheater Neustrelitz 2005
“The success of the evening was due in large parts to Jens Troester in the orchestra pit. All the virtues of a seasoned Kapellmeister were brought into play, and the Neubrandenburg Philharmonic was led in an exciting and passionate reading, serving the drama at every turn. Colorations and poetic moods ranged from extreme tenderness to demonic climaxes - turning the Tales of Hoffmann into the Tales of Troester!“

Nordkurier, April 18, 2005